Lisa's Page
Love to cook!
My friend Debbie, a photographer, took
this picture of me in my kitchen in
Hayward. More on Debbie:
See Debbie's Blog
The Aquarium by the Bay
I took this during a family
outing. For more about my
brother's family,
see their page.
Hello from San Jose!!!
I bought a condo in the Hayward hills in 2002 -- I was finally a
homeowner and living on my own for the first time. It was a
great community where neighbors are also friends. Last year,
my dad retired and moved to Washington state. I was able to
sell my condo and purchase his house in San Jose. I'm back
and have been busy!!! Before Dad left, he had the house
re-piped and a full inspection completed. After he left: the
house has been tented for termite treatment, new flooring
installed, new furnace, air conditioning, and ducts, new
windows and shutters, exterior completely painted, and a new
fence. I am currently remodeling one of the bathrooms. Whew!
Who am I? What do I do?
Proud Auntie of Amaya and Jayden!!! (see other pages)
A small business consultant for MBE to The UPS Stores
franchises in San Francisco, Benicia, Vallejo, American
Canyon, and Napa. For more info:
Community involvements: work at the clinics for Tri-Valley
Fix Our Ferals, an organization dedicated to helping
manage the feral cat population; Red Cross apheresis
and whole blood donor.
I have completed four classes toward my MBA, but I'm on
a "break" right now. Yes, I know, I need to get back to
school and finish it.
I've decided to start training for riding metric centuries
again. This is a bicycling activity. More info:
I care about our environment and hate to see all the harm
caused by the humans on this planet. GET INVOLVED
I love this picture of kitty footprints in the
snow. This is on the back deck of my mom
and step-dad's house in Colorado.